Some videos are displayed twice

on Infuse for Apple TV and iOS, in the video gallery, some videos are shown twice. The videos are stored on an external hard disk at my DS216play. Any ideas to fix it?

greets from germany

Are you connecting via UPnP/DLNA or SMB?

We’re looking into a few cases where this can happen with UPnP/DLNA.

I am not sure, but I think the connection is via SMB. It is an external ext4 formated harddisk (from my sat-receiver). In the meantime, I think it is a linux filesystem problem.

I haven’t tried with Infuse, but I’m pretty sure that TV shows on Sat Receiver or DVR are encrypted and won’t play.

No problem playing tv shows or movies from Receiver with infuse on Apple TV.

Do you mean that you’re able to play files from you’re satellite DVR, like Directtv or something?

Sorry, TV show recordings of course.


I have the same issue.
My config is Apple TV 4 - infuse pro - SMB - Wifi - Synology DS214.
I have added some folders into infuse favourite (kids / series / films / etc…) some folders are showing some films in double…

Thanks for your ideas.