Some tvOS Suggestions

I love Infuse btw, but I need to request some suggestions.

  1. I’m new to Infuse and it is very confusing that quickly double tapping on the remote causes it go to the end of the list. I have not seen any other tvOS application do this, and I don’t understand why I can’t just quickly go down the list of movies in a section one at a time (but quickly). Sure, you can swipe down, but that takes a lot longer and the remote is really not responsive enough to do this at satisfaction.

  2. Plex Pre-Roll videos do not play ever. Not sure why, but they do play on the official app with the same server.

  3. I’d like a button at the top of a favorites list (plex) where I can choose to play the media in that section at random.

  4. Infuse has the ability to sort media in different ways, but those settings are global. I’d like the ability to sort just one particular favorites list and show some metadata (on the same page) such as bitrate, date, etc.

  5. When having multiple plex servers connected, it is impossible to tell which media is on what server in the search list. I can see duplicate media side-by-side but there is really no way of knowing which server it is going to play from.