Some TV Shows imposible to get metadata

Hi all, first of all: thank you for this supperb app.

I have some problem with the metadata for the TV Shows, most of my collection doesn’t get any at all.

Tried to rename, I got it in a google drive space in a TV Shows folder

I tried renaming: TheSopranos_1x01, The Sopranos 01_01, The Sopranos/season 1/01 but nothing…

Any idea?


Welcome to the forum!

Personally I find that “The Sopranos S01E01.ext” format works the most reliably for me. You can read the users guide for file naming here Metadata 101 – Firecore

It worked!

I used The.Sopranos.Sxx.Exx.mkv and evertihing goes well.


Glad to hear it! One more thing, you may want to do away with the period between the Sxx and the Exx. It works about flawlessly without it and no sense adding extra characters that may later cause issues. I’d recommend sticking with SxxExx format. :wink:

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