Some Thetvdb Series not visibile in Infuse 4 apple tv

Hi all,

i have many series tv present in Thedbtv that cannot be found in Infuse 4 pro for apple tv.

Here following some examples:

In other cases the metadata are in different language from the one i set (also in this case present in Thedbtv.

Somebody can help me to fix it?

Thank you!

Can you provide an example or two of how your shows are named?

A bit more info on the available options can be found here.

Thank you for supporting me.

Here some examples:

  • Ape Maia - 22 - Il finto calabrone.avi
  • Season_1_-S01E01-_Alien_Monkeys.S01E01.Rottami.avi
  • DoongDoong_-S01E01-Doong_Doong_Season_1-_EP_01_Banana_Race.avi

The series are not find also if you select one episode then “modify” then "manual search–> the series is not listed.
I look forward your feedback :slight_smile:

Thank you again.