Some suggestions for new buffering functions.

6.0.4 brings a very good new buffer function, but as I found out, as long as the storage space is enough, it will always buffer the entire movie.
For people like me who play remotely, traffic will consume a lot. Sometimes I only watch a part of it, but the whole movie has been buffered down, causing a waste of traffic.
Can you turn off the option? Or set a buffer value. Thank you!

Moving over to suggestions for now. Thanks.

Hi ,

How to fix the buffering issue ? My SETUP Is :

Apple TV4K / NAS Synology / Gigabit Network CAT6 wired. The exchange file mode is SMB.

There is 17 seconds bufferiing every 4 mn approx on the Apple TV4K

What kind of file 4K, x265, 10Bit, etc? How large? What version of Infuse are you using?

I had download the Infuse PRO 6 . I think the bug is fixed.