Some srt files are not displayed



Some srt files are not displayed at all. Correct name, media player shows me the subtitle option, but they just don’t appear on screen :frowning: I tried to play with encoding but even some english subtitles are not shown

Making my girlfriend crazy ( we are French )

I updated my mediaplayer 0.9.4 161558 to the last 1.1.1… same result. files work well in VLC

Please help me :wink:

i have the sama problem tried to change encodings noting happened

please help

I’ve not noticed that Mediaplayer wont read some .srt files even though they are found and selected witch seem to work fine in XBMC/VLC for example.

What worked for me was to change the encoding of the .srt file itself, from UTF-8/UTF-16, UTS-2 or whatever to ANSI. This is nothing you do inside Mediaplayer or a setting in AppleTV.

Just open the .srt in notepad and then “save as”, there is a dropdown box where you can choose encoding, ANSI worked for me. You can accomplish this with most texteditors.