Some shows not matching to database for metadata


I’ve been spending the past couple of days matching my library to the metadata. Some shows are not matching well. One of the them is Louie (2010). When I edit options for metadata, it’s not even a choice. Where is the metadata based off?

You may check to ensure you’re using one of the supported TV show naming styles.

A bit more info on these can be found here.

There are a few exceptions to the file naming rules and this may be one of them. Some TV series that have a name that has been used before have to have the year added to their file name and the folder name.

Try this.

Louie 2010 (folder name)>Season 01 (season folder name) >Louie.2010.S01E01.ext (file name)

I just tried this naming conviction and it works great.

Got it. Works now. Thank you!

Outstanding! Enjoy!

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