Some SDR videos don't start playback if Match Range is enabled

I’ve discovered that some SDR releases won’t start playback. After troubleshooting, I have narrowed the issue down to having Range enabled in the Match Content menu in the ATV settings. But this is an SDR video and I have my ATV set to SDR 4K SDR.

Here are the codec details of the video as I see them in Plex. Does this point out what the issue with this file is?


Duration 2:19:00
Bitrate 9612 kbps
Width 1920
Height 800
Aspect Ratio 2.35
Video Resolution 1080p
Container MKV
Video Frame Rate 24p
Video Profile high


Duration 2:19:00
File Argylle (2024) {imdb-tt15009428} [AMZN][WEBDL-1080p][EAC3 Atmos 5.1][h264]-FLUX.mkv
Size 9.33 GB
Container MKV
Video Profile high

Codec H264
Bitrate 9612 kbps
Language English
Language Tag en
Bit Depth 8
Chroma Location left
Chroma Subsampling 4:2:0
Coded Height 800
Coded Width 1920
Color Primaries bt709
Color Range tv
Color Space bt709
Color Trc bt709
Frame Rate 23.976 fps
Height 800
Level 4.0
Original true
Profile high
Ref Frames 4
Scan Type progressive
Width 1920
Display Title 1080p (H.264)
Extended Display Title 1080p (H.264)

Are you running the latest tvOS 17.4 and Infuse 7.7.2 updates?

Can you try a quick restart of the Apple TV?

I am on tvOS 17.4. This was happening prior to 7.7.2 but I am now on 7.7.2 and it still is occurring.

If it helps, when playing the file, there is a black screen and the time scrubber pops-up and goes away over and over again.

Would you be able to send in one of these problematic files for use to review here?

Yup will do. Thanks for the quick reply!

Upload complete.

Thanks for sending that it. The sample seems to play fine here with Match Range is enabled. :thinking:

Can you try using the ‘Reset Video Settings’ option in Apple TV > Settings > Video and Audio, and then settings things back to the way you want them?

You may also try using the ‘Check HDMI Connection’ option in that same menu, just ensure nothing weird is going on there.

Tried Reset Video Settings and Check HDMI Connection. AppleTV says HDMI connection is fine.

Would you be able to replicate this problem and send in a report from your device, and then post the code here?

OK just recreated the issue and submitted diagnostics. Code is: W4H3K

Funny thing is, when I was replicating, someone knocked on my door, so I hit the menu button on the AppleTV remote to go close Infuse and back to the AppleTV’s homepage. Then when I was done with my visitor and got back to my TV, I opened Infuse, and the video started playing without me providing any input at all. I can 100% replicate this behavior.