Some requests ;)

Hello !

First, many thanks for these new infuse versions on ATV4 & IOS ! I use it for 2 days and it’s really great !

I wander if it’s possible, for the next update to include some features like :

  • A search option, accessible from all folder?
  • A playlist option ?
  • Sorting options (genre, release year etc…)
  • iCloud option to lync ATV & different IOS versions > would be great to start a video on the TV and finish it on iPad pro with stored position :wink:
  • Automatic Metadata search ? it’s faster than before but I still need to enter in each TV show folders to launch metadata recognition. Would be great to be able to launch metadata search for all folders and sub-folders once ! :wink:

And some questions about existing features :

  • Folder artworks : works well but I use the same folders both for ATV4 & IOS versions. I have a 1000x1500 vertical folder.jpg which displays well on IOS but not on ATV4 (which is horizontal^^) > Can we use specific images for ATV?
  • Sorting option (date, name and title) in settings : just TOP, is it possible to add this option for each folder? or access it from any folder? Can you add an “added date” option to view new files first? would be great !

Sorry for my english, if it’s not clear just tell me! :wink:
and THANK YOU for you support and great apps !

This is already supported for TV shows and Films if you have Trakt enabled (and the TV show or Film has been correctly identified by Infuse). The watched position is saved to and read from your account on the trakt web site.

Thanks for the suggestions - many of these are actually in the works for upcoming versions.

With regard to folder/favorite artwork. There are actually a few options, and more details can be found here.