Some requests

I'm a happy user of Infuse 2.3. This is the best media player I ever use on my iPad2. I like too much VLC but Infuse 2.3 has a better hardware accelerated player.

But I like to see some new features implemented in future versions.

1) A way to rename files imported to Infuse 2.3 without connect to iTunes app (to download metadata correctly).

2) HTTP stream (needed for the following options).

3) A URL prefix to use with other Apps (TvhClient is my objective).

4) A way to load a playlist (m3u files with http url streams. IPTV channel list).

5) Webdav access (a way to access your media remotely)

Hope you think those options could improve your fabulous software.

Regards, Gustavo.

Thanks so much for the suggestions.

I think you may be quite pleased with the next update of Infuse. :)