Some questions..


I have recently got myself Apple TV black again after trying it a year ago and not being so interested.

I am running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.1 (not upgraded to 10.7.2 yet as I hear there are issues).

I have a few questions:

I am storing my Movies/TV Shows on an external 1TB hard drive and potentially would like it setup so thats its not reliant on my Macbook Pro being on all the time.

Firstly I have tried plugging the 1TB drive into the Airport Extreme and configured it to play through the ATV over the network, however it is only giving me an option of a SMB share and not AFP?? I gather AFP is better??? The majority of my media files are 720p MKVs and these load however they are always buffering (ATV is connected to AE via LAN) - this is annoying and annoys the wife!! lol

I then plugged hard drive into Mac and played that way and it had no problems whatsoever however the ATV did give me ‘out of memory’ errors every so often and also have experienced a lot of video going out of sync today.

I have tried plex as well however there is not much noticable performance in both hardware scenarios and also if my mac is gonna be upstairs and tv and AE are downstairs then the media will need to be opened in plex > through AE > wirelessly to mac upstairs > transcoded > back to AE and then to plex on atv again.

Would it be more suitable to run the hard drive through the laptop, leaving it on upstairs and then over wifi back over lan to the ATV?

Or would it be a good idea to find a HFS compatible NAS drive that I can put my hard drive in instead of using AE with AirDisk as the 720p streaming does not seem up to scratch!!


Watching for a responce with interest as I too keep having the out of memory issues (just trying to view some photoes) and video (VOB files) going out of sync which is the most annoying thing ever!


What format is your drive? Airport Extremes will support both AFP and SMB, so it should default to AFP and not SMB. There have been reports of issues streaming via AFP with certain drive formats.

We’re looking into a few similar issues, and hope to have them resolved soon.

Hi James,

Format is: Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

Seems to be streaming as SMB rather than AFP. Its seeing it as SMB anyhow.

I have found by resetting the ATV it sorts out the memory problems and also if Ive been playing content on the ATV and then leave it idle for a few hours and then try to play something it brings up the memory errors.

Ok - if you’re able to send in a bug report we can track down what’s going on.