some questions on infuse 3

I bought INFUSE 3 as an update od infuse2pro and have some questions. I have a nas and stream from IPAD via airplay to an atv3 connected via toslink to my receiver.

  1. What have I to do, to hear the DTS-Sound of my videos, I read, it is not possible with airplay.

  2. Where are all the metadata and other information of the vides stored?

  3. is there any possibilty to read medatdata from a file. I have all my metadata in an excel-table
    and would like to write a program to extract it to a format, infuse can read.

I need the anwer on the question #1 too.
I hope there is some kind of solution for that.
Metadata is stored on ipad/iphone I think.

  1. DTS over AirPlay is not yet supported, since the AppleTV lacks support for DTS audio. We’re working on a potential solution for this, but don’t have an ETA yet.

  2. Metdata and artwork is stored on the iPhone/iPad. You can see how much space is taken up by cached metadata in the Infuse Settings menu.

  3. You can set your own metadata if you prefer by using XML files. Just place an XML file with the same name alongside your video, and refresh metadata to have Infuse pickup the custom info. A sample XML file is attached.

I have a serie of personal movies that I want to organize like a DVD. Can I use the type “TV Shows” in XML file? If yes, How to specify the episodes in the XML file? only with the numbers in file name like TV Series?