some questions about aTV Flash

1. on the feature list it listing some features comming soon, when and how will i get them? there an update or upgrade option for aTV?

2.can i transfer my safari or chrome bookmarks to the browser on couch surfer?

3. in plex i can play mvk movies but it doesn't seems to detect .mov that correct or do i need to do something on my mac so it will show on the atv list?

4. plex doesn't play subtitles while xbmc does but it is a little slower, is there any way to use aTV or plex to show subtitles? (.srt)


Thank you for your help :)

anyone at support? it that hard to answer some simple questions?

1. As soon as these are available they will appear as options under the 'Manage Extras' menu on the AppleTV.

2. Not currently, but the ability to import bookmarks may be added in the future.

3. Can't say for sure. Plex is pretty beta-ish at the moment, however, a native video player/streamer app will be available soon.

4. Plex does not currently support subtitles. Sorry.