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Hey everybody,

I’m very interested in the new ATV coupled with infuse. However, I somewhat of a pixel peeper so I want to know some aspects before my decision.

-ATV only supports H264/5 via hardware decoding. I assume that infuse uses this hardware decoding for playback of those files, right?
-for other codecs such as VC-1 infuse will software decode it. Are there any details on what upsampling algorithm (Bicubic, Bilinear, Neares Neighbor) is being used?
-with the pro version HD audio will be decoded by the player, is Dialog Normalization being honored?
-when infuse uses software decoding, what upscaling algorithms are being used?

I know this is rather technical, so I hope that @James can say something about it.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Infuse does make use of native h.264/h.265 HW decoding. This allows for playback of very large, high-bitrate files while using little CPU power.

  2. For non-native codecs, Infuse uses a variety of licensed SW decoding methods.

  3. I believe so, but I’ll have to double-check as it has been awhile since we originally implemented this. In general, audio tracks are decoded, and the levels are passed through unchanged (via LPCM) for the AV receiver to handle.

  4. We are using native Metal rendering/upscaling, which is a very fast and efficient option.

Thanks for the fast response!

Can you elaborate the “variety of licensed SW decoding methods”

Do you happen do know which upsampling algorithm Apple uses?

Apple’s native HW decoders are licensed implementations. Infuse also licenses codecs/implementations for use in its SW decoders. In many cases, the licensed implementations offer better performance than some of the open source versions.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact algorithm Apple uses for Metal scaling.

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Alright, thanks.

If I get an ATV I will most certainly report back. I’ve done a few reviews of media players focusing on picture quality (you can have a look at avs forum, same username) so it would be very interesting how the ATV/infuse combo compares to it.

Sounds great!

Infuse is under constant and continual improvement, so if you stumble upon anything that appears off do feel free to let us know.

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