Some Problem...

Hello sorry to bother you but i think i need help !!

First, Sorry for my english ( French guy)

Since Friday evening (day i received my refurbish ATV), i try to make all the thing work (with all feature) but i never make it, i'am a bit desperate....

So let me explain : first time every install with no problem, i plug my USB hard drive to start read file on nito,  It work ! So i begin to run the importation of saphire (reason of purchase) after maybe 1 hour & half later (500go of files) of telling this is not a movie, the importation end ! Surprise ! nothing on my  TV shows and movies menu, so check the forum and i do all the trick wrote on the différent thread. It cost me about my night of multiple reinstalling, importing data, change file names, fetch movie/tv show data ( which make ATV reboot by the way)... And the result Nothing.

This afternoon i tryied one more clean install, follow each step of the demo video and still the same. I thought i'll try with boxee and it work !!! Boxee is very nice, he's looking by itself the metadata it's very fast and nice. So i quit boxee and start to unstall nito and saphhire from the menu for cleaning, and then it crash,  I do a restore, update and prepare my flash disk with boxee and without nito and saphire, the application ATV tell me : " AppleTV update file(OSboot) not found ! Please view the 'Install Guide' for installation info " I look the "install guide" which say nothing about that !!!!

So i think i'am going to give back my atv to apple, ask for a refund a fire core, and order a boxee at amazon ! Or If you have any idea to make it work, i will be very pleased !!!!

Thanks by advance


I manage to create a Atv usb stick with on another computer ( i don' know why my other computer can't dowload the atv udpdate soft ...).

Install and it work fine with boxee !.

For Info,  I see there a bunch of new thread about saphire problem. How often are the update for saphire and other soft ?