Some Pre-Sales Questions


I am very interested in your product once the AppleTV 3 jailbreak hits. I have some questions though about the Media Player.

  1. Does Media Player play back MPEG2, MPEG4, and VC1 video streams from BD rips in MKV or is it limited to H.264/AVC by the AppleTV hardware? If it will play back these other video encodes, does it play them back directly or does it first perform some transcoding on the fly?

  2. I see you recently added TrueHD downmixing. What is being downmixed into? Is it decoding TrueHD lossless to multi-channel LPCM and then outputting this so the lossless audio quality is preserved as an alternative to bitstreaming the TrueHD?

  3. Can DTS-HD/MA be output as multi-channel LPCM as well?

  4. Do PGS subtitles and/or Vobsub subtitles display properly from an MKV file?

  5. Is the pictures on the product page, it shows a backdrop image on the movie information view. You can take folder/movie.jpg images locally and local XML info. Can you also use local backdrop/fanart.jpg images for that backdrop?

  6. Is there a way to change the currently playing audio track during playback?

  7. Will Media Player playback multi-channel LPCM from an MKV file? What about multi-channel FLAC? How are these output?