Some of my Favorites won't show in Library

I’m new to Apple TV and Infuse here.

I have medias ( video files ) on my external HDD attached to my access point router via USB and on my Windows 10 PC which are shared via Media Center.

Those on HDD attached to router worked fine and showed up beautifully in Library.

Those on Windows 10 PC won’t. They show up in Favorites and could fetch metadata when I enter each folder but they won’t show in library.

I tried to go to Library setting but the Windows 10 sharing folder won’t show and I am unable to select them.

What should I do to make those medias in my Windows 10 sharing folder which was added to Favorite to be listed in Library?

Thank you

Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately the Library won’t be available for items that are being streamed via UPnP or DLNA, but if you are able to connect to your PC using SMB you will be able to access these items in the Library.

Thanks. That works.

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