Some mkv can be display on chromecast via infuse but others can't

Dear people.

I wonder why some mkv files can be display on chromecast via infuse but others can’t.
Is there something do I have to take care of? Any advice?

thanks very much.

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Google Cast currently supports a limited set of video types, and a list of these can be found here.

Hi, I have the same problem. Some of my mkv files can be displayed via google cast, others bring an error message. Any ideas how to solve this issue? Thx in advance
I checked the supported formats, mkv in general is supported.

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You have to remember, having the MKV container is only a small piece of the puzzle. The video and audio codecs can also be incompatible and cause the video to be unplayable per the users guide James referenced above.

Thanks for your answer. So we can re- encode the malv to a playable one? Which could it be? It is posible with handbrake? Thanks again.

I just did a google search for “handbrake chromecast” and it gave several links that discuss what settings to use in handbrake for chromecast.

I don’t use it so I don’t have any recommendations for chromecast. Sorry.

MKVs can be used with Chromecast, as long as the video inside is compatible.

Most Chromecast devices will be limited to h.264 videos, through some of the newer models also support h.265. Streaming of h.265 videos to these newer models is something we’ll be adding to Infuse in a future update.

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