Some issues

Hi everybody
I want to change the headlines on first photo from Greek to English.
(Translate it to English means “Movies” and “TV Shows”)
I had the apple tv in Greek and change it to English.
At second and third photo in some TV series appears the poster and in others not.
Try to edit metadata but nothing happens.
Can I fix it?

The rows of content displayed on the home screen are called lists, and these can be renamed by browsing for them in the Library.

For example

  1. Enter the Library, and locate that category that has been added as a list (it will appear with a star icon to the right)
  2. Long-press on the category name, and choose the rename option

With regard to missing artwork, TheTVDB has been recovering from a few issues over the past week. To refresh artwork and metadata for your series you can use the Edit option, and then reselect the correct series name.

I correct the name but at posters the edit don’t work. Long press the button at poster, edit metadata and the result is “nothing found”. There is any problem about tvdb again? Thanks a lot for instantly reply.

I fix the headlines but the posters in some TV Series (movies are OK) dont appear at all. Try to forced closed the infuse app but nothing…

Upload three new photos in case who someone can help me.
Why at first and third photo the poster dont display?
Thanks a lot.