Some issues Apple TV 4 vs Apple TV 4K


Since yesterday I’ve replaced my 2 year old Apple TV 4 with the new Apple TV 4K in my home theatre.

I have 2 main issues:

  1. The blu-ray rip of Roger Waters’ The Wall concert I made using MakeMVK has problems when choosing a certain chapter using the Infuse chapter menu (I renamed the chapters using MKVToolnix, so I can see the actual song name instead of just “Chapter 13”). On the old Apple TV 4, the chosen chapter would play immediately, but on the Apple TV 4K, the video pauzes and won’t play unless I click the left or right arrow for the next or previous chapter on my remote. It doesn’t happen on all my mkv files, but it always happens with the Roger Waters blu ray rip (but I never had any issues with that rip on my old Apple TV 4).

  2. On my old Apple TV 4, Infuse correctly shows the cover images for the “Kraftwerk 3D The Catalogue” Disks 1 and 2, but on the Apple TV 4K it just shows some generic grey image…

Are these known issues that will be corrected in a future Infuse update?

Hi James,

Can you please look into the first issue? The second issue isn’t that important :slight_smile:

I’ve attached the mediainfo files for the Roger Waters mkv (that has playback issues when choosing a certain chapter in the chapter menu) and a Kraftwerk mkv (that starts selected chapters immediately, without problems)

the_wall-mediainfo.txt (7.26 KB)

kraftwerk-mediainfo.txt (5.26 KB)