Some iPhone 12Pro videos play upside down

Снятое iPhone 12Pro видео в 4K HDR DV вертикально, при просмотре на INFUSE 7.3.3 воспроизводится в верх ногами.
Писал в поддержу, ответа не получил, запросили видео и тишина.

MOD EDIT: Google Translate follows

Не у кого нет проблем, все хорошо или не кто не пользуется, не снимает видео на iPhone ?

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У вас, вероятно, было бы больше ответов, если бы вы запустили свой текст через Google Translate на английский язык для своих сообщений здесь.

Thanks for the report. We’re looking into this.

Good afternoon!
There is a Google browser for this, it’s convenient for everyone, isn’t it?

Good afternoon!
Thank you for the answer, I am looking forward to solving the problem.

This should be resolved in today’s 7.3.4 update.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi !
Thank you very much everything is fine, cool. Is it possible to add more from Plex if you watch home videos, was it possible to sort or see catology folders ?
it works via FTP, but I would like to use it from Plex


If you’re using Plex, Infuse will use the metadata and organization tags from there.

Hi !
But I don’t see the catologist in the infuse by folders.
There by name by date, by release date, by title. but not by folder -directory (
Here is an example in Plex it is
Maybe I 'm doing something wrong ?

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