Some general questions

Hi everyone,

I have combed through the forum here - and if I could ask some questions - it would really help. I have purchased the apple tv, a 750gb lacie external hdd, and i already have a new imac running leopard - so I am about to pull the trigger on ATV - but :

  1. Once I have setup ATV on the apple tv, and it recognizes my external hard drive - i will just use Cyberduck to FTP the movies to the EXTERNAL hard drive - and those are selectable from within the apple tv menu? you don’t have to copy them to the internal hard drive first to be viewable in the menu?

  2. Essentially I could just NEVER use the internal hard drive? use it ONLY for booting??

  3. I have emailed support - and received a reply within minutes to my question which was great. I see the admin posts here frequently with answers, and from the ATV version history it looks like an update comes out about every month. it all sounds great - has anyone had any issues with support? like hard to reach at any certain times etc? prob not good to ask for negatives - but when planning to pay a company for lifetime support it is ok to ask…

  4. If I format my external hard drive to MAC JOURNALED format - can I use the maximum size of an external hard drive? or is there a limit as to the size of a partition that the ATV can read?

Thank you !

1 - Movies can be selected from External HD using the appletv menu. You do not have to copy to internal drive.
2- The option is more of a personal preference - You could or could not use it.
3 - Support is excellent, browse the forum, google and be on the lookout for a free wiki site from atvflash team.
4 - You cannot use maximum size as disk utility will take up some space on your external - Nothing big.

Awesome - thank you for the information!