Some anime metadata not avalable

Hi! I’m having problems searching for some anime metadata (all available in thetvdb).

Death Note (デスノート -

Akame ga kill! (アカメが斬る! -

The seven deadly sins (…/the-seven-deadly-sins – I can´t post more than two links).

Searching the metadata in the app suggests movies, but not the correct anime metadata. The metadata is one of the main reasons to use Infose (the another one is the formats compatibility).

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Most of the time problems fetching the correct metadata for TV shows is the way the files are named and or structured.

Here’s the users guide for naming your files.

For example the first one “Death Note” the files should be named something like.

Death Note S01E01.mkv

Similarly for “Akame ga kill!” with the added note that you’ll want to avoid some characters like exclamation points.

Akame ga kill S01E01.mkv

And finally “The seven deadly sins” should be

The Seven Deadly Sins S01E01.mkv

Note that Infuse uses TMDB now for all metadata and not TVDB any longer for TV shows.

Here are the pages for your shows on TMDB.


Hi! thanks for the detailed info.

I know the file naming in anime is tricky, because of the episodes not classified in seasons.

But i’m not talking about the auto fetching metadata, I didn’t get the right results searching by title neither of that shows (I get some movies, but not the main show).

When Infuse searches for metadata it looks at the file name to see if it has a season/episode in the file name, in which case it looks for a TV series; otherwise it assumes it is a movie.

So having something like S01E01 in the name make Infuse look for a TV series.

I suspect that your file names didn’t include season/episode form recognised by Infuse.

There are forms other the S01E01 recognised by Infuse (such as 1x01) but this is certainly the form I personally have standardised on.


Did you try the naming formats I gave above?

How do you have the files named that you’re not seeing a TV series?

Are the three links I gave to TMDB the shows you’re looking for?

Does the file name affect the search when I do the search “by hand” (taping the title)?

Later I’m going to try changing the file names, it could be that.

Thanks a lot to both.

Yes it does as @remotevisitor said above. :wink:
If you don’t have the “S0xE0x” in the file name Infuse will look for movies. If it’s there then it searches the TV show database.

Here is what I tested and it worked great.
Test Series File names and structure

It produced this.

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Thanks a lot…

I thought that the search metadata option was independent of the file name. Mystery resolve.

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