Some 4K UHD ISO cannot play smoothly

At the beginning, I want to say infuse is very good app for playing 4k bluray or blurary iso, it has poster wall feature and nice interface, the most important is very easy to use. I’m really love it.

But I found some movie UHD 4K ISO cannot play smoothly, such as Baywatch, Blade Runner 2049, Harry Potter (2Discs only, other 6 Discs have no problem), very laggy, I have no idea about it, same codec… but 90% or above have no problem.

And one 1 more question, will Infuse be going to support bitstream audio?

thank you very much

Not until Apple devices do.

The upcoming 7.5 release has a number of improvements for certain HDR files which may have encoding issues (such as bad timestamps).

This may help with your issue, so if you’d like to try the beta early please drop me a PM.

Thank you for your reply, James. It’s not hurry and I can wait it to release, I’m really appreciated with your works. Thank you very much