Some 4k HDR UHD content can not play

some 4k HDR UHD content can not play.

What type of files are these?

Support for 4K UHD BDMV/ISO files is coming in 5.6.1.

Same problem here, Mad Max: Fury Road (10bit, not HDR, in MKV container, served over SMB) won’t play in Infuse 5.6. I can provide a short sample if it helps to debug the issue.

Yes, a sample would be great!

The Dropbox upload page is broken in the latest version of Chrome, results in script errors. Got another option where I can provide a sample?

Hmm, which version of Chrome?

Seems to work here for me in 62.0.3202.94 for Mac.

thx! looking forward to the updating!

James, a sample has been uploaded.

Thanks, we’ll take a look!

BTW, 5.6.1 is now available. :slight_smile:

I’ve updated to 5.6.1 one my Apple TV 4K, but it still doesn’t play… :frowning:

What kind of files are you trying to play?

What is happening when trying to play them?

I’m trying to play UHD ISO file… “Spider-Man.Homecoming”

“Something gone wrong when loading file” or as it says in Swedish “Ett fel uppstod när innehållet laddades”…

Please send in a report from your Apple TV after attempting to play this file so we can look deeper into what’s going on.

James, I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that with 5.6.1, I can play Fury Road just fine from the BDMV structure over SMB, so Infuse and the HEVC decoder can decode the stream correctly. Everything is smooth, bandwidth is not an issue, I’ve not seen any choking in the first 15 minutes or so. I have created the MKV fom a backup using eac3to and MKVmerge, it’s possible that in this chain the stream was corrupted.

The bad news is that tone mapping is not quite right in Infuse. I’m watching on a 1080p TV (non-HDR, obviously), so either Infuse or Apple’s GPU driver has to downscale from 2160p to 1080p. Fury Road’s HEVC stream is in BT.2020. The resulting downscaled picture looks too dark, with very little dynamic range, similar to how it’d look if I turned my TV’s contrast setting way down: peak brightness too low, colors desaturated, black is black but dynamic range is not there. It looks as if, in RGB terms, everything is compressed into 16…128 instead of 16…235. I have also the Fury Road 2k Blu-ray in my library, and using the same setup - same TV setting, same version of Infuse 5.6.1 - that one looks as it should, and how I remember it from a 4k laser projector cinema. I’m also under the impression that the 4k->2k downscaled picture is not as sharp as the 2k Blu-ray picture, but this could be just a result of poor HEVC encoding and bitrate starvation. But at least the color grading should be similar between the AVC and SDR/HEVC versions.

I have also switched ATV’s video setting betwen RGB and YCbCr, made no difference.

Are you doing the downscaling 2160p → 1080p in your own code, or do you delegate it to Apple’s GPU? And are you sure that your tone mapping code is correct?

Good to hear!

There are in fact some adjustments we’re making to the tone mapping algorithm to address some of the feedback we have received since the launch of 5.6. Stay tuned!

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My macbook seems to be the problem… I tried a PC as a server and it worked perfectly.

Maybe it’s problem with the SMB share from my macbook? Anyone who knows how to fix it? I have my usb-drive connected to my macbook witch I can fins in Infuse, but it’s very slow.

thx!!!indeed solve my problems!!

Now I can play 4k hdr uhd but not sure if is downgrade to 1080p or not

If your Apple TV is set to 4K output, then Infuse will play 4K videos in 4K.