Some 2160p video files freeze after 10 seconds


my AppleTV4K plays the most 4k video files from my NAS without any problem. It`s connected with a 1 gbit/s ethernet connection and reachs 110Mb/s.
I have a few video files which stuck after 10 seconds. The audio is running for another 10 seconds and then does nothing happen.

I had already uploaded a sample file.

The sample file is a HEVC codec with 15.6MB/s and 24FPS

Here you`ll find the sample file: Dropbox - Error

Would be nice if someone else could test if it`s a general issue or only specific to my hardware/setting

A few more information to my Hardware:
I am using a Synology NAS 1515+ and access the files via SMB. Apple TV is connected with HDMI to my LG 55B6D.

Does not work on my Apple TV 4K either when streamed from a SSD over gigabit Ethernet.
I tried remuxing it without the audio and subtitle tracks and that did not improve anything.

VLC 3.0 nightly also cannot read it well on my MacBook Pro.
But my TV can read it without any problem.

So it might be an Infuse bug.

MPC-BE cannot even read it. Its a crappy encode. Nothing to see here.

Well, VLC on iMac played it flawlessly including both dts audio tracks.

Is it possible to get a statement of an official firecore eomployee if the file is corrupt or in bad quality or if it could be a infuse issue which will be fixed in a future release?

Thanks for the sample!

We’ll take a look into what’s going on here.

Something new regarding this? :wink:

We believe this particular issue should be resolved in the 5.9 update which was released a few days ago. :slight_smile: