[SOLVED] XBMC: Library mode?


After (successfully) adding my uPnP video source to XBMC and running an (automated) scraper, I was hoping / expecting to see additional info / artwork on my movies and series. It seems I need to put XBMC in 'library mode'. However the option is greyed out (disabled).


I've read the manuals on wiki.xbmc.org (as stickied) but havent been able to figure it out


- What do I do to review my media with additonal artwork and info?




To view your library: in the main menu go to 'videos'. Press and hold <Right> on your remote. A sub-menu will appear allowing to select either files or library. Select Library


Additionally: I've experienced that xbmc won't create a library from a DLNA source, but it will work from a windows share (SMB)