[solved] Subtitles in/out .mkv file

Hi, I’ve just purchased and installed aTV Flash (black) and it is awesome!

However I have two problems.

  1. metadata for movies/TV shows - I have everything in folders so it doesn’t work well, however I’ve found some topics here about this “problem”

  2. second problem is with subtitles. I have few movies in .mkv, which includes english subtitles. I downloaded subtitle in Czech language. I renamed the file to mach the .mkv file, however I cannot choose it, I can choose just the subtitle placed inside the .mkv file. When the .mkv file does not contain any subtitle, I can choose the external subtitle file. What can I do with that?


Thanks a lot and good job with this:)

Figured it out. Just restart the Apple TV and than the external subtitles appeared:)