[SOLVED] Subscription issue infuse 7

Hi all,

I’ve just received my ATV and made a fresh install of Infuse 7. I’ve tried to make a 1 year subscription but I get everytime :

Network Error Check your internet connection

My connection work perfectly and my install is fresh…

Only one apple account.

Any idea?


Maybe try signing out, restarting, and signing back in?

Already done, I’ve tried all steps found on another topic about restore of subscription, but in my case, 1st install and can’t subscribe :cry:

Are you by any chance using a VPN?

Also you may want to try two other easy tests. First, restart the ATV if you haven’t tried that already. Second, delete Infuse and re-download it.

No vpn at all, I’m really “stock”.

Restart already done.

I will try to remove and download again and I keep you posted.

OK just tested :

Uninstall, reboot of ATV, install again, no setup and tried directly to subscribe : network error, check your internet connection…

Is there another way to subscribe?

Edit : found the issue, that was my old credit card used with my apple ID, even my new credit card was registered in ITunes Store…


Thanks for letting us know what was causing the problem! I’m sure others will run up against this problem and be thankful also that you figured it out! :+1:


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