[ SOLVED ] Span Multiple Shares

Hey all-

I tried searching to no avail.  I have two external drives (SMB mounted on a linux box) one drive is full and contains all movies.  Drive 2 contains movies and TV shows.  Is there anyway for Media Player to span “drive 1” and “drive 2” offering a single “Movies” menu choice? Currently I have to select either: “Movies” or “Movies II” it is really impacting the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor).

EDIT: I guess the same question would apply at the “Favorites” level.  Can I have two separate folders in the same “Favorite”?



I do not believe that what you are asking for is possible in Media Player (at the moment anyway).

However since you mention it being a linux box, could you not simply avoid the issue by making use of a symbolic link at the Linux level to join the different drives into a single logical view.   That is what I have done on my NAS box where I have 4 drives linked into a single logical view using this technique.

Thanks itimpi, worked like a charm!

I may have answered too quickly… It looks like I can’t symlink two directories into 1… Maybe I have it wrong. Any thoughts?

No - you cannot do that, but you can have have a symbolic link to make a folder on another drive appear as a sub-folder of another folder.  You could use an approach something along the lines of:

  • On one disk have a folder called something like MEDIA, and make this the share that is seen by the ATV2.

  • Creat symbolic links to link folders from elsewhere as sub-folders of that one.  e.g.  PHOTOS, TV1, TV2, MOVIES1, MOVIES2 etc.  These then all eapear as folders when you navigate to the MEDIA share. The eact names should be chosen to suit your environment.


Right but what it wont achieve is: actual directory: Movies1, Movies2 displaying in ATV Media Player Menu as JUST Movies (containing the titles within both Movies1 and Movies2)

All good now…