SOLVED: lost HDMI signal connecting Apple TV to Samsung LCD


If you have a Samsung LCD TV and an Apple TV connected to it, maybe the HDMI signal from Apple TV is lost sometimes - in particular when you turn off/on the TV.

I corrected my as follows (thanks to Marco in Apple Discussion Forum) :

You’ll have to access the Service Menu on your TV.
** IMPORTANT - Be careful! This menu has very important parameters which you should not change at all. You’ll could “brick” your TV if you change the wrong parameter. **

  1. Turn off the TV

  2. If you have a 52" Series 6 model (my case), press
    ‘Mute’ ‘1’ ‘8’ ‘2’ ‘Power’
    If you have a Series 5 model, try INFO MENU MUTE POWER.

  3. The TV will start and you will be in the SM (give it a few extra seconds).

  4. Using the arrows/enter buttons, go into ‘Option Table (Service)’

  5. Turn OFF the following parameters :
    hotplug and hotplugctr.

  6. Turn off the TV.

That’s it.
It worked for me.