[solved] Does not jailbreak


I am trying to jailbreak my apple tv 2.

It is able to go through all the steps in SeasonPass without any errors. But, when I plug in my apple tv to the power and hdmi, it seems that it’s still locked. I don’t get the season pass logo or any of the option to install media player.

I am currently trying to jailbreak from a macbook pro running lion.

Can somebody please help me.

There is no immedaite visible sign that you have succeeded in the Jailbreak. There are two ways that you could check:[list][]See if the ATV Flash (Black) setup program works (which then installs the FireCore Maintenance Menu option) [] See if you cna make a ssh connection to the ATV2  [/list] Either of these working would indicate a successful Jailbreak.

I feel so dumb now.

So yes, jailbreak has been workig all this time, confirmed by ssh-ing in to the apple tv. I just hadn’t installed FC aTV on to it

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

I think a lot of people get caught out by this.  One of the earlier releases of SeasonPass used to temporarily add a SeasonPass menu item (selecting it simply removed it) to give a visible inidcation of the Jailbreak.  I think that FireCore should put this back in the next iteration of SeasonPass (probably for iOS5 Jailbreak).

I think he should leave it the way it is. I got caught in it because I thought that it would add the menu option again, like before, but as people get used to it, I think people will get used to it. And maybe someone will write a guide that mentions it at some point (or updates the “wiki”?)