Solved - Current Seas0nPass 0.9.8 & Atv2 4.4.4

Current Seas0nPass 0.9.8 & Atv2 4.4.4 (iOS 5.0.1 (9A406a))

The jailbreak/restore goes fine using Seas0nPass 0.9.8 on my Mac running Yosemite 10.10.4 (14E46) Itunes 12.5.5

I go thru the initial setup and i see the FC logo in the right corner and everything looks fine until
i go about installing kodi or nito; the install goes without any errors but they don’t appear on the ATV2 menu!

i also noticed that I can’t “killall AppleTV” When I ssh in via Terminal nothing works except for “reboot”.
when atv2 reboots the FC logo disappears and the AppleTV logo shows up. (even if i unplug power cord)!

How do I fix it?

Thank you!

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on here?

what is causing this? is it a jailbreak thing?

Is there any other tool that i can use other than Seasonpass, or any older version compatible with 4.4.4 (iOS 5.0.1 (9A406a)) maybe!

Is it possible to custom restore via itunes, read a lot of comments of people reporting not being able to (lots of errors)?

Why is no one helping?

Where are the mods?

What is going on with the latest seasonpass?

Has anyone tried the latest seasonpass to downgrade to older firmware (in my case 4.4.4), it restores fine but if you install kodi, it won`t show up on the main menu, I also noticed there is no movies and tvshows on the main menu, I only have (internet - computers- settings)

Can the mods or James tell us why is this happening?

I finally restored my 4.4.4 by downgrading itunes on a windows 7 machine…took me forever to figure it out.

Did I mention that i had to use snowbreeze…STAY AWAY from seasonpass if you want to restore 4.x firmware!!!

Hi there,
I have a ATV2 black version didnt use it for a while. 4.4.4 running and jailbreaked.
I know the drill how to jailbreak. Problem is I am not sure how to get “update” to the latest working untethered version and exactly where to find it.
Should the firmware be updated first - and then jailbreaked… ? I see you have som experience with 4.4.4.
My main problem is that I cant stream from ipad/iphone with the latest IOS to the Apple tv anymore… If you have a lead I would be greatfull … thanks


you can only upgrade to 5.3 (iOS 6.1.4 - 10B809) - untethered via Seas0nPass.

So could you please let me know then…
Since my ATV2 has 4.4.4 installed - I can only install 5.3 in a tethered version ?

I found this on the site:
Seas0nPass provides an UN-TETHERED jailbreak of the 2nd gen Apple TV running the 5.3 software.
(Mine is not)
A tethered version of 6.2.1 can be installed by right-clicking the ‘Create IPSW’ button.

Or should I just go ahead and install and the un-tethered version will install… ?

Thank again man.


Make sure you have firmware 5.3 (iOS 6.1.4) at hand, put your ATV2 in DFU mode, upgrade using Seas0nPass, and don`t forget to hold “Shift” upon restoring.