[SOLVED] Apple TV 2 bricked (???)


I have an ATV2, which I had jailbroken a couple of years ago and worked fine.
However, I was no longer using it, so decided to sell it, and wanted to clear my data as well as adding the latest untethered jailbreak (5.3).

After multiple unsuccessful attempts to Jailbreak, the device noiw appears to be bricked.
I used my Windows PC, the latest version of iTunes (, and the latest version of Seas0nPass (0.9.6).
When running the second stage of Seas0nPass, I got the message “Firmware Restore Failed” - I’ve tried many, many times, with different micro USB cables, just the USB cable, the USB cable AND the power cable, etc., etc…pretty much every different method I’ve found online, but I cannot update the ATV2.
Furthermore, it no longer works when connected to the TV.

Therefore, I decided to restore the device to factory settings, so that I could start afresh.
But when attempting to do so via iTunes, the ATV2 does not show up!

I’ve spent hours researching these issues and am now at a dead end.
How can I reset the ATV2?
The light on the front blinks, so it seems to be active, but just doesn’t show up.
One further thing I may try is to see if it shows up in iTunes on a Mac, but I don’t expect that will make any difference.

Any thoughts?


This was solved by uninstalling the latest version of iTunes and installing a version which was several years old.
The ATV2 then showed up and I was able to restore/update the firmware, before using Seas0nPass to install the latest firmware allowing an untethered jailbreak.