Solved - Another 9.100 error trying to install 2.6

I have read all the other posts relating to this error.

I have cleared my cache using SSH.

I have successfully re-jailbroken my ATV using seasonpass.

I am still getting the error 9.100 when trying to install the latest ATV Black. Any ideas??


I have solved this for me.

I updated the ATV using itunes and USB cable to the latest version 6.2.

I then jail broke it using seasonpass.

I reconnected it to my TV and checked that seasonpass had worked. The software was downgraded to 5.2.

I then ran the ATV flash and successfully transferred the files.

Once maintenance was installed I could then install Infuse.

I have the same problem.

Same problem

Same problem

Same issue , cant install atv flash black, not with mac and also not with windows, maybe the Servers Down??

Same issue here as well.

Something in the Kodi code as well, that isn’t working at this moment in time either.

same here, have been trying all day

On order to fix this problem is quite simple, you need to load Apple TV with the latest iOS through your iTunes.
So it reset the Apple box back to original state, now use the latest Seas0nPass to JB, and aTV Flash version 2.6 to install Maintenance.
it work for me, I never get this message again (Error: 9.100).

I make it 5 Times like your Description and it doesn’t work

same problem

@chimo1 nope that doesnt work, also tried on 2 computers on time from mac one time from windows.No effect for me , i think its a server Problem from the Firecore…

Having the same exact problem. I think it’s something on firecore’s side. The Apple TV is jailbroken just fire, ATV flash keeps giving me this error message though.

This is not a Firecore problem, I cannot manually install Kodi after the jailbreak without using ATVFlash.

It must have something to do with access to needed files from an outside server…possibly Cydia.

after you loaded the Apple TV iOS from iTunes, did you plug-in into your TV go through the normal setup, verify you are running the latest Apple TV Software 6.2.1 (2 Gen.)
then re-Jail Break with SeaS0nPass, and aTV Flash again.

Did you try your process today? re-jailbreaking won’t work.

I don’t know what’s going on with my Apple TV 2. Mine was jailbroken years ago, then I restored it through iTunes a few months ago. I guess there are still some files from the prior jailbreak still on there(I was unaware that was possible). I jailbroke today and kept getting that error while trying to install ATV Flash. I gave up, but was finally able to install XBMC via SSH. XBMC works fine now, but the weird thing is all the prior zips from repos are still on my ATV from years ago. I think a lot of the app files are still there as well. I see a cydia foder among other things. I don’t know if it makes sense what I’m trying to get across, but I think some old files are preventing ATV flash from installing.

Seas0nPass don’t work or aTV Flash V2.6 don’t work, I am confuse?

ATV Flash dont Work… Seas0npass Work…

All is working now with ATVFlash, I believe it was a server issue outside of ATVFlash. I have done nothing different, just waited a few hours.

no problem.working…