SOLUTION to installation problems

Hi, thought i might share this with other users. I have had quite a great deal of problem installing the ATV flash, but i have discovered a system that seems fool proof.

  1. Download the installer as instructed by the aTV flash pdf
    2)Once you get to the the stage where it asked you to locate or download the apple tv update file, download it.
    3)You should get a temp.DMG file (mine was 240,102 KB for version 4.0.1)
  2. let the installer complete

At this stage I have never been succesfull in getting the USB stick to boot on the ATV but…

Run the installer again, this time rather than downloading the apple tv update file, simply locate it from where it was downloaded the first time. Let the installer complete.

Worked like a dream!!

I hope his is helpful to other users pulling their hair out!


Hi Jim

I’ve followed your instructions, but just wondering about a small thing. After you’ve downloaded the file (DMG), did you format your USB flash drive? Becuase if I am to re-run the installation file, the program doesn’t find the drive (because it’s in some kind of MAC format). So now I’m planning to format the drive and then point to the DMG file, instead of downloading it again (?)