Solution for XBMC crash or restart after 5 to 10 sec

It seems that there is a corrupt update file for XBMC
Before I had XBMC Eden beta 1

I think I found the solution
Update to beta 2
Do it at your own risk!!! It fixed mine, I can’t be sure that it will fix yours

First, try to use nitoTV to update or click install XBMC
And check if it will tell you there is an update for it.
If nitoTV says that you have the newest, check which version you have by starting XBMC and look the start up page it says beta 1 or 2

If it is version 1, try next instructions (at your own risk) if you have version 2 then you have different problem than mine.

With your atv2 at main page
SSH go to /private/var/stash/application/XBMC.frappliane/xbmcdata/xbmchome/addons

Save or backup folders:

The last 2 folders, I am not sure if needed but I did them anyways

After saving into your computer
Delete the originals folders in your atv2

Then go to nitoTV and install software
Go to XBMC and click install
Let it check
And there should be an update
Let it finish and it should update XBMC to beta 2
Sometimes you might counter mirror or files not found Or error downloading the update
Just go back and click install again
I had to try few times in order to get the update

Once update is done go to XBMC system setting addon
There should be an update available themoviedb ( this is the one that made my XBMC crash )
After beta 2 it updated no problem

Good luck

just remember that you might need to try to install few times if you counter error with nitoTV

i think most people are just found out the solution of Beta 2

so they are rushing to install

server might be down or overloaded

and again with nitoTV, it told me that i had the newest version, but i had beta 1. so i had to delete those folder in order to get an update so nitoTV can install it again

when downloading it might take few minutes so be patient.