Sofware update server not responding

I have let Seasonpass do it automaticly and then i have tried doing manually and all i keep getting is these pop up.

“The apple tv cannot be restored at these time because the apple tv software update server could not be contacted or is temporarily unavailable.”

has anyone experience these before and if so what can i do? or is it something that usally happen and i have to wait till the server comes back up? sorry that the picture is sideways[[wysiwyg_imageupload:78:]]


Same thing for me!.. Cant find a fix for the life of me! All the instructions I find on Google are completely useless and do not get to the core issue!

I’m in the same boat and seriously annoyed. I’ve been here for hours now trying everything I know to get my ATV2 back online. PLEASE HELP!!!

What entries do you have in your HOSTS file? If you have ever used TinyUmbrella your HOSTS file could be redirecting the request to a local server or Cydia.


THAT was it exactly. I had an older version of TinyUmbrella that had changed where my Host file in ITunes was looking. Thank you for you post mattygdot. Had I just been a little more patient in my research I would have also found this answer in the Sticky post entitled “ITunes Restore Errors”.


I am now back up and running thanks to your help.

Thanks Again!!!

If that does not work and you find your host file to be clean an no other reasons for apple to not be responding as it happened to me, try this…

From a cmd prompt, run
netsh winsock reset catalog (windows)

Hope this helps