Software Updare

Since my Apple tv is jailbroken i have no intention to update right now but when i checked it said software was up to date. Is there any reason why i can not update even if i wanted to right now? it seems odd

The jailbreak will be blocking you from seeing software updates from Apple as attempting to use one goes wrong on a jailbroken device.

If you want to update to the latest Apple firmware then one has to put the device into DFU mode and do a restore in iTunes. However at the moment that would install the 5.0 version of the Apple firmware for which there is not (yet anyway) a version of SeasonPass that can jailbreak it, or a version of ATV Flash (black) that runs on it.

Ok thanks. Other than the user interface there does not seem to be a reason to update the software anyway

Guess I missed my “window”.  I have 2 ATV2 units - one with 4.2.1, and one with 4.3.  Both are JB’d, and working GREAT!.  However, I had just been thinking about updated both to 4.4.4, and then re-JB, so that I would have the latest version before the ATV3.  However, looks like I missed it.  I had NO idea Apple was going to stop signing 4.4.4 within 24 hours of issuing 5.1.  Darn.