Software to download TheTVDB art automatically

I would like to be able to automatically download jpeg’s for the indexfolders of my different tv-series, so my gridview of series will look more elegant. Do there exist a piece of software that can do that? Preferentially for Mac.


Best regards Emil


The only software I have found is Sickbeard. But its a “server” with a web interface. The installation is not for rookies.

I haven’t found a software thats simple and can download the missing cover art.

I am interested in suggestions too  :slight_smile:

I use this :

Looks interesting, but their download link doesn’t work.

Can you put a copy up on a file share service?

Found this link: 

DuneX is not producing folder.jpg’s and its very picky about file/folder naming.

It doesn’t produce any information Media Player doesn’t already do.
The pictures it find are already shown by Media Player when you set the folder to TV show.

What Dynamitleo and I is searching for is software to easily download posters from sites like, as folder.jpg so the grid view looks awesome and not just the default folder icon.