Soft subtitles are placed too low by default

Am I the only one who thinks that soft subtitles are placed too low by default? Changing the location up also affects PGS subtitles that tend to end up too high…

My experence is that I often need to adjust VobSubs to the lowest possible position. PGS is in general fine here, but sometimes I need to adjust these to lower as well.

What I really don’t understand is why Infuse allows you to elevate the subtitles to 6, while it’s only possible to lower them to -2. -2 is often not sufficient. Who, on the other hand, wants to raise the subtitles to the middle of the screen? I suggest Infuse changes this so that you can also lower subtitles to -6

I have not been testing vobsub at the moment. Only soft and PGS. Yes PGS is generly in perfect position. But when you have changed the posistion on the soft they are not =) We can both agree it´s room for adjusments here.

Maybee they should look at Kodi that have a subtile setting with a line so you can position the subtitles where you like to have them. But thats maybee not possible with a apple tv app!?

I just gave up pgs, vobsub and srt. I convert srt to ass and OCR vobsub and pgs to ass. That gives me much more control over size, position and style ?

With right workflow and settings srt to ass takes seconds and OCR PGS/Vobsub about 10 min. Vobsub was a nut to crack with many OCR errors but now I have flow even there!