So where is the 'trailer' option that has been requested for years?

So… this app has the chance to do really well against Plex. However, Im gobsmacked that an app dedicated to media does not have trailers for movies.

  1. Plex has this function
  2. Your users (you know, who many pay for this software and supplement your income) have requested this feature for many years. Now, I can’t find any response from the developer. Just a nice brick wall of silence. I think its quite reasonable your customers would expect an answer one way or another. Ignoring your base is just speaking of words ill rather not write here.

Actually, while Im on the note for feature requests, Plex states when TV episodes were aired if there’s the metadata for it. This is important if you’re wanting a particular episode (by date).
I understand features aren’t always implemented, due to time constraints or unreasonable expectations but this is a simple feature that your competition has. A straight yes/no would be appreciated if it is at least coming (infuse 6?), otherwise Im going to cancel my subscription. Infuse is great, but its not miles ahead of native Plex.

Thank you.


Firecore posts the features that are on the near horizon here. Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21)

You can add your support for the trailer feature here Trailers

You can also add your support for the addition of original air date metadata here Add Day and Date Aired on TV Shows

Thanks for the post. Without coming across like a tool, this is exactly what I’m talking about.

That thread you linked me ‘to add support’ is already getting close to 3 years old, and 4 pages of discussion. At what point do you draw the line and think the developer/s are taking the Mickey and simply aren’t interested in customer feedback. I will not add my post to that thread, because they are already well aware of this highly requested feature, yet still refuse to do anything about it. The duration of that thread, and the replies (and lack of from the developer) says all there is about the state of Infuse and the value of customer input.

So… infuse 6 is out and still no trailers. Hey, we get a new logo though so that makes everything alright? Forget the request that has been put forward to for years.

…note the sarcasm.

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