So What's the Upgrading Procedure?

So now that the new flash patch for ATV is here, how do I update?

After I download the atv flash 3.4 software and place it on the USB thumb drive…

I assume that I go ahead and run the Apple TV 2.3 update (via AppleTV’s interface) which will blow out my 3.2 previously flashed patch, and then I install the newly patched atv flash 3.4 software to restore all of this great functionality?

Is this all there is to it?



You are correct. Enable updates for the AppleTV, update to AppleTV 2.3, and then run the aTV Flash 3.4 patch.

Thank you. I’m sorry to have asked this. I posted before I downloaded the atv patch and saw there was a read me file. So I’m sorry to have troubled you, but I certainly appreciate your help.


To go from 3.4 to 3.41, do I just unplug my appleTV, plug in the 3.41 thumb drive, then let it do it’s magic?

The readme doesn’t address the scenario but asks to update the old way, losing all synced data etc.

Will it require redownloading the Quicktime, Flash, etc. files for example?

I am hoping it will only add the functionality of using my external USB drive full of movie TS files…


Can I stress the same need for some simple upgrade instructions? I’m a brand new user, having installed 3.4 correctly (so I believed), and I, too, have had the same issues others have noted: No external USB hard drive access; Couch Surfer and Firefox both crash and freeze the system, requiring a hard reboot. I’ve got additional issues as well: The networked drives attached to my Mac don’t mount and so, while visible, their content isn’t accessible via ATV. Finally, Adobe Flash says its successfully installed, but it hasn’t shown up on the Web sites I’ve tried to access during the brief periods I’ve had access to Couch Surfer. Will the 3.4.1 patch resolve all this?

Either way, can someone please post a step-by-step on upgrading from 3.4 to 3.4.1? Do I have to factory-reinstall-downgrade ATV, and then re-upgrade to ATV 2.3, and then fully install 3.4.1, or is it simpler than that? Thanks in advance!

With all upgrades there are no special steps required. You simply walk through the installation process like you originally did.

  1. Install aTV Flash 3.4.1 onto flash drive.
  2. Power off Apple TV.
  3. Insert flash drive.
  4. Power on Apple TV.
  5. Once install is complete, remove flash drive, and restart Apple TV.

Also, you can always check the installed version through the Maintenance > About aTV Flash menu to confirm the latest version has been installed correctly.

Thanks so much. I did it, and it was easy. I can now do basic things – FTP onto the ATV, open in finder, copy files natively onto FTV, run AVI’s. That’s all terrific. But I’m still having four problems, though, and I’m wondering if you or others can help?

  1. Flash is not working. I installed as per the instructions, and the screen says it’s installed, but Couch Surfer doesn’t render sites using Flash video, such as Hulu or Youtube. I still get the box with the “?” in, indicating the plug-in is missing. Any ideas how to fix?

  2. Firefox continues to freeze and crash the system. When I launch it, it brings me to the screen that says “start a new session” or “restore previous session,” but any action I take after that freezes everything, forcing me to do an unplug-restart. Should I just delete the Firefox app from the Applications folder and reinstall it, or is there something else I should be doing?

  3. USB drives plugged into the back of ATV don’t show up. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place, but it’s a Mac OS formatted drive, and I just can’t seem to see it anywhere. Any hints?

  4. External drives plugged into my Leopard-running iMac don’t mount. When I go into the “Networks” space and type my Mac’s login user name and password, I can see all the mounted drives by name. But when I click on them, nothing happens. In other places on ATV, those drives appear to be mounted, but when I click on them, i get a screen that says something like “There are no files in this folder or they use improper suffixes” - both of which are wrong, for these are all Mac-formatted drives, with normal folders, MP4’s, MP3’s, AVI’s and other normal media files in them. Is this a permissions issue? Any hints how I get to these drives?

My goals are simple: To be able to access remote media files and the Web via Apple TV. Sorry if these are dumb and straightforward questions – all help is really appreciated.

Where did you obtain the CoreAudioKit.framework file from? The Apple TV requires a somewhat specific version (Inte/Tiger). More info can be seen at:

You will need to enable USB keyboard/mouse support for using Firefox. For this, follow the guide at:

Same as above. Follow guide at:

Installing with the stick (3.4.1) works fine. The only Problem is, that after flashing there is no sound. TV is connected via HDMI Connector. So i go back to the factory settings via menu. After that the original 2.2 is active. But always no sound. Do you have any idea? Best regards.

Thanks, ATV Flash! I need to continue to play dumb here (legitimately!) because I’ve already done some of the things you suggest.

   ANSWER: I got CoreAudioKit.framework file off my Tiger install disk, using the extract program recommended in the install PDF. It was the full coreaudiokit.framework file folder, although I'm not sure which version of Tiger this is -- could that make a difference?
  1. On the FIREFOX Freeze
 ANSWER: i did run the Smart Installer as instructed. I have the original ATV, and installed AFP, as instructed. It seemed to work fine: It gave me an okay message, and that's how I was able to access the ATV through the finder. But I don't see anything on this Wiki page specifically about enabling keyboard and mouse. Does that happen automatically once NitoTV and the other components are installed here? Does this imply that the only way to use Firefox is to plug the keyboard and mouse into the USB Port on the back of the ATV? The instructions say nothing about this.
  1. & 4. On the EXTERNAL USB DRIVE and DRIVE RECOGNITION problem:

ANSWER: I’m not sure what on this Wiki you’re suggesting I follow. I did the Smart Installer. I can “see” the drives plugged into my Mac, but I can’t access their contents. Are you suggesting that these need to be manually mounted – that I can’t access them through the “network” screen on my ATV? As far as the USB drive plugged into the back of my ATV – are you saying I have to mount this on the Mac in order for it to show up in the ATV? Again, I’m pretty confused by this Wiki page.

 Thanks again.