So what file types does Infuse actually support Dolby Atmos with?

I have my AirPods Pro connected to my Apple TV and playing movies with a TrueHD Atmos track. Yet, Apple TV only says Multichannel when my APP are connected. Shouldn’t it show Dolby Atmos? Why doesn’t it?

Does Infuse not support TrueHD Atmos?

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It’s the Apple TV that doesn’t support it.

Well I’ve even tried it with DD+ Atmos tracks and it doesn’t work, in direct contradiction to Infuse’s claim that Atmos works with EAC-3

Apple TV still only says “Multichannel” and not “Dolby Atmos” when my AirPods Pro are connected

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I was going to create a post for the same. APM/APP and a TV with Dolby Atmos support. All files tested are EAC-3 Dolby Atmos and none of them show that. Only Multichannel comes.

Most It’s not all of the problem is regarding Video playback functionality it’s because they use a custom player. So every time Apple comes out with a new feature they have to manually work to support it on their custom player.

There was a feature request by someone I believe who asked for a toggle for using Apple’s default player. Sure it won’t support all file types but then it allows for people like us to get off their backs.

WEBDL-2160p EAC-3 files can easily be played by any default Apple player. So just by having that option they can allow us to get ATMOS within infuse while they work to support in in their custom player as well.

I honestly don’t get how is it a smart move to not even have that option given you have people paying monthly for Pro version.

Playing E-AC3 + Atmos files when connected to another Atmos compatible device (EG AV receiver, soundbar, etc…) will provide the Atmos audio you expect.

Playing Atmos w/ Spatial Audio on AirPods requires special handling, which is not yet available in Infuse.

You can follow this thread for updates.

It just got my vote

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