So should I upgrade now???

I have stayed with AppleTV v2.1 and have not bothered to update my ATV Flash since before 2.2 was released (I am on 3.3.1). I have, however, updated NitoTV to the latest version.

Am I at the point where I should update to AppleTV version 2.2 and the latest ATV Flash 3.3.5? To-date, it seems like the recommendation was to stay with 2.1.

Well, I guess it depends on what you use the AppleTV. Sapphire and Media Cloud are still not installed. I was pretty happy at AppleTV 2.1 until I couldn’t help out some people here anymore so I updated. Most of the functionality is there now though in aTV 3.3.5. If ou are concerned, just check out the release notes in the forum and see if you think it is a good time now or waiting for a later version of aTV Flash.

EDIT: It seems that ATVFiles is also not installed. :frowning:

Personally I updated to version 2.2 and ATV Flash 3.3.4. Love the new functionality of 2.2 but have been waiting for almost a month for the new version of ATV files and Sapphire. I am putting off downgrading in what now seems like a vain hope of an updated version of both these programs to be released. If I do not see anything released in the next two weeks I will go back to ATV 2.1 firmware and an earlier version of ATV Flash. My entire reason for obtaining ATV flash was so that I could use Sapphire, without it its almost useless to me apart for playing music. The other alternative is to use DVDpedia’s ATV plugin which does almost the same thing as Sapphire, any thoughts gurus?

How about ATV files? I’m OK without Sapphire & Media Cloud.

I guess no ATVFIles either, I must have missed that one. Their website says the last update was back in July. I’m not sure how those developers are doing.

What does the team suggest for upgrading now? If I am still on ATV 2.1, should I remain there or upgrade to 2.3 now? If I am on an “old” ATVFlash version (3.3.1), should I stay with that or should I upgrade to 3.3.4?