So many .AppleDouble directories


Every time I use Media Player in all directories of my nas are created thousands of directories “.AppleDouble”. In each “.AppleDouble” is replicated the file list of the parent directory. But this are not the same files, but “ghost files” (48 kb every file) but have the same extension as the original file (.avi .Mp3 etc). This issue creates two problems: disk space unnecessarily is very busy. Also when I use the audio or video palyer of the xbox 360, also appear in the file list these ghost files”, which obviously can not be played but that does not different from the original ones.

What can i do?


Thank you


A google on “.AppleDouble” suggests that the problem most likely resides with problems in the version of Netatalk on your NAS which provides the AFP shares;  it is Netatalk on your NAS that is creating the files not Media Player (it is possible that something about the file access that Media Player is performing which is triggering the problem in Netatalk). I therefore assume you are using AFP between Media Player and your NAS. I would suggest that if possible you try using SMB shares instead of AFP.

Thank you, i will try