So, just what are these 'other' cloud services that can be used for streaming?

The website mentions streaming from ‘Dropbox, One Drive, Google and others’. What are the others? I’ve looked on the iPhone and the only cloud service I have that I can use is Dropbox. So I guess it needs to be a cloud app that Infuse can work with and not something you can map yourself? In which case ‘others’ as a description is about as much use as chocolate fireguard. You need to specify the EXACT list of the services it will work with so people will know BEFORE they buy that the service they use will work or not!!

I do not think it is possible to provide a list. InFuse will work with any Cloud Service whose iOS app provides an ‘Open In’ capability. Maybe this needs wording better on the Web site? Certainly there should be some distinction between DropBox which has direct integration into inFuse and the others which stream via the Open In facility.

Indeed. I think you’re right. It needs to be clear SPECIFICALLY which services it works with. Noticeably, since costs of this app have gone up, support has taken a nose dive. Doubt I’ll be progressing beyond the free trial period. Paying for problems not to get answered by the developers, nah.

The ‘Other’ listing refers to any app that has integrated Apple’s Document Picker feature on iOS. Effectively, this allows you to access files in any cloud service. To access this option, simply select the ‘via Documents’ item on the Add Files page.

A little more info on this can be found here.

Of course, we are planning to add support for integrated access of additional cloud services later this year as well. :slight_smile:

Hmm. OK. Thanks for the reply. That’s not clear from the info I’ve seen so far. I have a cloud service that I use but it’s not available. Doubtless because the developer is not using the Apple protocol you mention. That’s a bit of a bummer :frowning:

Are you saying that if you go into the Client for the Cloud Service it does not provide an option to select a file from its file list to be opened in another app? That seems unusual - all the ones I have tried offer that option. Perhaps you could mention what Cloud Service this is in case anyone else knows how to use it with inFuse?

I’m looking for something like integration with BackBlaze if possible. Given BackBlaze’s storage capacity and pricing - that would be huge!

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