So confused by the user interface

I downloaded Infuse to get better playback of video from my Synology box. I’ve got it running on macOS, AppleTV and iPad. Playback is great, but the UI is really confusing me. I’ll go through the macOS experience, but the same issues apply to iPad…

I fire up Infuse, it starts me in Home, invites me to click on Add Files. I do so, and find my UPnP media server. I navigate to a folder, tap the star, accept the suggested name. Then I close the Add Files window.

But, the Home page is still blank. So I click on Library, and that’s still empty as well. Plus, it says something about playlists. I don’t want playlists, I want to set up a library of movies and TV shows.

I eventually find my files — they’re under Files in the left navigator. OK, so if adding files doesn’t put them in the library, what does?

I right-click on a file and choose Playlists, and add the file to the Watching playlist. Then I go back to the library — and it’s still blank.

So I try again, and this time create my own playlist “To Watch”. That finally works — the playlist shows up in the library, and if I choose it I see the files in the library.

Do I really have to add everything to a playlist to make it show up in the library? This isn’t like any other media player I’ve ever encountered. Usually Library is all your media, and Playlists (if they exist) are a separate area. That’s what I’m used to from Apple TV, Apple Music, Synology Video, and so on.

This split between files, playlists and library also means it’s a lot of messing around to add something to my library. I have to navigate to the folder, tap the star to set it as a favorite, then go to the files area and open the favorite, then select each file one by one and add it to a playlist, because there’s no way to add multiple items to a playlist at once that I can find.

Surely this can’t be how it’s supposed to work?

Anyway, once I’ve added my files to a playlist one at a time and they’re showing up in the library, if I go back to Home, it shows me two randomly chosen videos from one of the playlists — I guess the “Watching” list, which for some reason doesn’t show up with the other Playlists in the Library — and under those videos, it says “Home Screen is empty”. I mean, what? It clearly isn’t empty, there are videos right there above the message saying it’s empty.

And when I open the preferences and click on library, it still says my library is empty, even though it clearly isn’t.

This is so confusing. Once I find my way through the maze, the playback is great, but the user experience could use a lot of streamlining and a more logical approach.

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Did you try to mark a folder you navigate to as a Favorit? The + icon lets you navigate to a folder on your NAS.

Mark folders with a star and they will show up in the UI

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First off, don’t panic. It may seem a bit overwhelming at first but it’s really easy.

First thing, you really don’t want to use the DLNA server for Infuse, this uses info gathered by the DLNA server (Synology NAS) and doesn’t allow Infuse to do the metadata handling.

If you set up a user on your NAS for media sharing and enable SMB sharing that will get you started.

Then you can add the NAS as an SMB share.

You may have to delete the DLNA shares added and also if you have iCloud sync turned on you may have to delete the same off the other devices.

Once you add the share and give Infuse time to gather the info you’ll be able to see files in the Library. On the Apple TV you can monitor this under Settings > Library and there will be a status report on the left hand side of the screen.

I personally prefer to set things up on the ATV and let iCloud spread it to the other devices. Just my preference though.

This users guide may help with this.

You can find a wealth of help guides here

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OK, I deleted the DLnA server, and added the folders from an NFS share.

I think I may have found a bug, though. Clicking Library still showed the library as blank, but under preferences it said it had files. But if I expanded the disclosure triangle next to Library and clicked TV shows, then clicked Library again, suddenly the files showed up.

That is sort of a quirk of how the app works now. Most people will use the Home Screen as the main page for browsing, as this can be customized with the content you use most.

You can edit what appears on the Home Screen by tapping the List icon which appears in the top right corner. WIth that open, you can add or remove categories from the library and rearrange things as well.

Ah, that’s great! It hadn’t occurred to me that that icon would let me choose which categories and files were listed, as it looks like an icon for just choosing sort order.

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