So apart from Kodi (and a few other little things), jailbreaking your device is a downgrade?..... Please help.

Using the latest firmware using the Seas0nPass software, after a good amount of time and struggle, what was the point?..

I thought the whole point was to freely be able to install any 3rd party Apple TV apps that the latest iterations have versions have - from the App Store. To my surprise, not only was this not the case, but I found there were way fewer apps than in the official version with the latest updates, INCLUDING YOUTUBE (and no additional regular apps to install even through FTP)… What?!.. I’m sorry, but the thing I emphasized is pretty much the number one use this thing ever even got, and now it’s just a pointless brick which can’t even stream a YouTube clip from your phone onto the TV. I thought maybe the nitoTV app would have something, but yeah, after more figuring these things out effort, of course nothing. Please someone tell me I’m missing something.

I’m usually grateful for people’s efforts, especially ones such as these (because big middle finger to planned obsolescence, cyclical consumption, and other adopted principles of Capitalism relating to infinite growth - basically what Apple embodies best), but what exactly would I thank anyone for in this case?.. I may as well have gotten trolled.

Also, while initially this worked, now all the iPhones (not mine) in the house no longer even see the Apple TV in order to perform screen mirroring. Before, at least there weren’t really ever any problems, but now, practically nothing vital works with not many ways of really troubleshooting this garbage. Anyone care to help, putting my cynicism aside? THAT would actually be appreciated at this point, very much. Thanks in advance!

PS- If there isn’t actually anything I’m missing, perhaps referring me to a guide of how to revert the Apple TV 2 back to the original firmware would in the end have to be it, after all this wasted effort. Besides people who really just wanted Kodi (and a very cumbersome and uncomfortable way of using it), I really don’t get it…

Sorry to hear about your experience with this firmware alternative. Well, I did not use much of the original ATV2, which I acquired recently, I had to reset and jailbreak it. Then I loaded aTVFlash-black onto it. Not that I am super happy with the result, but still exploring its new functionality and advantages.
Conveniently, Apple provided a way to reset/restore to factory firmware. You need a USB cable, iTunes installed on PC or MAC. You don’t need AC power cord for the procedure. Just start iTunes, connect your ATV2 to USB port and you should see it detected and option to restore back to factory. Hope it helps you…

Ah, well that certainly makes at least that part easier. Thanks for the reply!

No problem, my pleasure.
I would love to know tricks involved in getting Kodi to accept plugins, which I’d love to have enabled and working, if someone could tell… I guess the only option now is to try “support”.