Smple question regarding the use


I do not have an applet tv for now, but am on the market for a media extender with a nas. I stumble upon the atvflash and it seems this will be perfect!

I just have 2 questions:

  • do you need itunes on on a pc or a mac to use apple tv ? (or can the computer be off and the music is streaming from within the hdd?)

  • can i play music, pictures and videos from an external usb hdd attached to the apple tv ?

I read that access to nas is put away for now. That is ok, as long as i can access the atv internal hdd and move stuff around! and as long as i can plug an external hdd and use it as a media storage.

  • last question! Do you leave the stick on the apple tv or not ? i can’t figure this one out …

My objective is to have no computer involved when i play something.



PS: my other solution involve the use of a buffalo nas, and a media extender such as the d-link dsm-520. The hacked apple TV could provide the same, with the added safari browser!

Since support and documentation for this product is lackluster at best, I’ll try to help out. Mind you I’ve only had this for about 24 hours myself.

Technically you don’t need iTunes to use an Apple TV. However, loading/managing content it going to be a real pain without it. But, once content is stored locally on the Apple TV you don’t need to have your PC/Mac on to view/use it.

I myself use an external USB HDD attached to my Apple TV to view movies and whatnot. However, this is only a feature that can be accessed with a hack. aTV Flash is a simple way to put the necessary hack onto your Apple TV, but the software needed can be found on the internet for free. But it’s a significantly more technically taxing experience to pull off. Unless you’re a UNIX guy, or have significant command line shell experience, I’d avoid trying it.

You don’t leave the stick in the Apple TV once aTV Flash is loaded.

One more point, you cannot manage files on the Apple TV without hacking it. There isn’t a file folder structure to navigate or anything. With aTV Flash loaded you can move folders and stuff via local FTP. But not without it.

Hope this helps.